Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Boob Cake"

This is going to be interesting for sure! 

A couple of weeks ago I got an order for a cake - they were not sure what kind of cake to actually get. A friend of mines boyfriends birthday is this Thurs. We went back and forth on several different kind of cake ideas and she wanted to do something along the lines of a Gag Cake so he is going to get a boob cake LOL 

This is my first time ever making this type of cake LOL I have seen them before though.

I am going to try to get a picture for each step I do.

 This was a half sheet cake that I carved out for the body. The Boobs were done using a soup bowl
Flesh Colored Tinted Buttercream covering the cake.

Fondant Covered

Added edible pearls

And for the FINISHED PICTURE!!!!!!

The Birthday Boy LOVED his cake!!!
Check out the pics!


  1. OMGosh! LOL!!! I LOVE the inscription! :D Very creative for sure. I've seen boob cakes before, but this is even better.

    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

  2. lol thanks! I thought the "tits your birthday" fit perfectly haha I can't wait to see the guys face when he gets the cake! It's gonna be classic hehe

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  4. I am about to attempt my first boob cake and this is going to help. Thank you! I love the inscription!