Thursday, December 30, 2010

~ Princess Abby ~

Awhile back I got an order for this cake. It was either do a princess theme or a horse theme. The little girls favorite colors are Purple and Turquoise. So I pondered on it for a while, had several different ideas for both. But I kept leaning towards the princess theme. This littler girl's name is Abby and she is turning 8 years old!

I am pleased with the way this cake turned out however, I did have some " moments" while working on this cake~ haha let me share!

Grab ya something to drink and get comfy - I wish now I would have taken pictures but I was so frustrated.
** not to mention sick **

I started out doing what I normally do - make my cake batter, bake my layers, freeze them. Then I start working on the buttercream or fondant and in this case, buttercream. I gather all my ingredients and start the process of making the buttercream. I creamed the butter and the shortening and I start to add the powdered sugar.... now all goes well til I FORGET that my measuring cup is in the bag with the sugar and I go to pour in the last little bit from the bag.... can ya guess what happens ? YEP~ Right into the mixing bowl it went with the paddle going - I go to stop the machine and it's not locked down so it tilts upwards ** Paddle still moving** and buttercream goes EVERYWHERE! 
Are you picturing this ?
I finally get it to stop and I just stand there - really wantin to cry or scream - But I just stand there for a moment and take in the complete mess I have just made!  

Did ya think that was it ? 
It gets better!! 

I get all that cleaned up and I am back on track. Now, it is time to color my buttercream the turquoise color. I gather up my green and my blue icing color and I start to mix the 2 colors. I add a little green and then a little blue. I mix a little and go back to grab the blue and guess what I did - can ya guess ? do ya know ? I DROPPED the blue and it splatters all over me, my clothes, it drops to the floor - I just shake my head and stand there for a moment thinking to myself " I need to go back to bed"  - Not an option - Gotta get this cake done! So, I clean up that MESS and start again! 

Finally, I have this the right color I want! 

I can actually start crumb coating and icing these layers! I get them iced and let them sit to crust a little bit so I can use my paper towel to smooth it all out .... 

Go to get my viva paper towels and guess what ????????

The funny thing is - I had just gone to Walmart a few hours before and could have PICKED UP SOME!!!!!

Now mind you - I am sure there are other ways to get the buttercream smooth but I have always USED VIVA Paper Towels!

So I sit, and ponder, I can use regular paper towels but it will leave a small impression of the design from it on the icing . OK - I will try it - it's a swirl pattern so it might look alright! LOL What do you do when you are left with no other options cept to get dressed again and go 15 miles back to town  - I wasn't doin that so the swirly design was just going to have to work LOL 

I must say it turned out rather nice but so not what I wanted LOL

With all the mishaps that happened while doing this cake - it has taught me a few lessons. 
1. Make sure you have every little thing you need before starting a cake! 
2. Don't do a cake when you have a sinus infection,bronchitis,and an ear infection at the same time!
** Yes I wore gloves and a mask while doing this cake **
3. There is no crying in cake!! LOL Gotta laugh and go with the flow and everything will turn out just fine :)

Now here is the cake! 
It is a chocolate cake with all buttercream icing. It has 4 edible images of the disney princesses, play gem rings, play wands and real little play princess dolls. I used the disney princess candles.

After I finished this cake I thought - ok I don't have Happy Birthday on this cake and I think now would be a good time to use my handy dandy new cricut cake machine! 

So, I rolled out some gumpaste on the mat and cut out Happy Birthday Abby to add to the cake :) 

Not to bad for my first try! 


  1. WOW! It is beautiful!!!

    I'm sure glad to know that I'm not the only one who runs into problems. (Remember the SNAFU when I made fondant ;) )

    Glad it all turned out OK. How're you loving your cricut cake machine? it sounds soooo cool!

    Stef at

  2. So far I am LOVING IT!! And YEP I remember that about the fondant!! :)

  3. This is great! My daughter would Die to have a cake like that!