Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bumble Bee Transformer Cake

This week I have been working on a Bumble Bee Transformer Cake. 

I am using this particular picture to go by.
The one above is with buttercream and fondant. The cake I am doing is being done with ALL buttercream. 

Here are a few pictures in " The making of Bumble Bee " lol 
Let me start off by saying .... It took ALOT of buttercream to ice these cakes !!
I think I ended up making 6 batches!!!!! Not sure but I think I have a buttercream fairy that sneaks in at night and eats the buttercream to where I have to make more LOL 

 So not pretty but the top is going to have white buttercream on it

 See ?? Still not pretty but I have to smooth it out

 I have added the stripes and the number 3 on the tiers and also the border for the top tier
Added the logo on the top tier as well

~~~~~And the finished cake~~~~~

The customer has the topper for the cake :) 


  1. I pipped it on with buttercream! It was so not an easy thing to do LOL

  2. Love the cake I'm trying to make one but I don't know where to get the logo can u tell me where I could get it